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Please contact us with the following information and we will contact you shortly:
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Preferred Platinum $20$10/month
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  • Free Business Listing Services.
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  • Standard Classified ad (100 CF Points for classified listings)
  • Your ad will appear on most search result pages and local business directories on VirginiaCurrents.com.
Season Special - NAME YOUR PRICE!!!
  • No reasonable price will be rejected
  • Your ad will appear on front page, business directory and every single search result pages on VirginiaCurrents.com.
  • Business listed under our sponsors section on the home page and other pages.
  • Platinum Classifieds Listing Account (10000 CF Points for classified listings and your ad will appear on top of the other standard ads)
  • Free Business Listing Services.
  • Printable Online Coupon(s)